Jania Warner

Managing Director


It’s all about people. The challenge for any organisation is to truly engage its people to activate their power and energy. It’s this positive energy that transforms businesses, creating great workplaces that achieve great outcomes. Engaged employees connect more confidently with your customers and each other. We can support you to achieve this.

“I believe that people should be able to go to work and feel good about their contribution. This is why I have founded and developed an organisation to develop and support employees to succeed. You entrust your employees to us. I make a commitment to you to develop your people. We encourage an understanding of self as part of any program – this is our difference.”

Adrian DeSilva

Program Manager

M.B.A., CIV Disability, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Adrian has an extensive background as a trainer and also in national and international training & development roles all with the aim of supporting people to be amazing at what they do, so that they in turn can offer a great customer experience. For more than three decades, people have enjoyed the warmth, humour, and transformational power of his leadership and personal development approach. His understanding of the needs of consumers across aged care and disability in the community, together with the health and acute areas, has been built over the past 10 years. 

"I derive huge satisfaction by ensuring that we provide high-quality educational experiences for our participants, inspiring them to be great leaders of self so that they can feel the satisfaction associated with the delivery of great service and support for their clients."

Alison Wells

Partnership Manager

Alison’s effusive personality combined with her passionate focus on clients draws from her extensive heritage in partnership management within the retail and direct selling sectors. She has a genuine willingness to take time to listen to truly understand. Her conscientious work ethic, willingness to adapt, warmth and professionalism all make her a quick favourite with everyone she meets - clients and colleagues alike.

"Knowing we are genuinely empowering people to make a positive difference in their workplace, and within themselves, is really rewarding."

Angela Marks-Boulton

Program Manager

Grad. Dip Education, B. Nurs, RN, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Angela is able to share from her extensive experience within nursing and aged care. Her resume spans from working across a wide range of wards within major hospitals, including rehabilitation wards (disability), to being responsible for all aspects of care, including medications and dementia specific care, within residential aged care facilities. Angela's previous experience within the financial services and airline sectors ensures that her students gain from her customer service insights and can utilise these in the new Consumer Directed Care environment.

“I'm always struck by how heartfelt the people are who work in the community services sector - it's great seeing their excitement grow as they become more capable and confident."

Christine Parks

Program Manager

RN (Div2), CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Christine’s extensive experience within nursing, disability support and aged care makes her a Program Manager who ‘gets-it’. Her resume spans across almost every aspect of the community services sector including as a Case Manager, a Disability Services and Support Manager, a Client Services Manager and an Enrolled Nurse. Christine’s background allows her to transfer the necessary theory into personal examples – it makes for engaging real-world training.

“It’s a great feeling watching people’s confidence grow as they become more capable -  you can see them become happier with the results they're delivering with their clients ...and they’re happier at work."

Courtney Samson

Program Manager

CIII Aged Care, CIV Ageing Support, CIV Disability, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Courtney is an experienced Program Manager with a genuine passion for aged care from having worked as a PCA in the sector for 6 years. She also works within the disability sector and is constantly inspired by her clients' outlook on life and enjoys learning from them. She sees these industry sectors constantly evolving and is committed to influencing current and future carers to exude the same love and passion for her role as she does.

"I am passionate about supporting existing and aspiring Care Workers in the sector to become confident, capable and skilled Personal Care Workers."

Debbie Hutchinson

Program Manager

Dip. Nurs, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Deb has worked as an endorsed Enrolled Nurse for many years and has extensive experience working within aged care facilities. Deb is passionate about supporting others to grow both in the workplace and in the classroom. Her hands-on experience working as a Personal Care Attendant is invaluable when relating the learning materials to students with real-world, relevant and memorable examples. Deb’s approachable, friendly and positive personality means she easily builds great rapport with her students.

Elizabeth Vaughan

Program Manager: Animal Control & Management

CIV Vet. Nursing, CIV AC&R, CIV Govt, CIV Govt. (Stat. Compl.), CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Liz has over 20 years experience working within both metropolitan and regional local government organisations and assisting and developing new projects within the Local Laws and Animal Management sector. Her expertise as a trainer is further supplemented with her hands-on experience as a qualified veterinary nurse and her years teaching english overseas including in Japan and Singapore. Everyone who trains under Liz loves her sessions and genuinely respects the depth of her expertise.

“I get great satisfaction from passing on knowledge to others, developing new ideas and creating 'out-of-the-box solutions that work and are compliant with our legislative requirments - it's about creating a good outcome for all.”

Ilona August

Program Manager

CIV Leisure and Health, CIII Aged and Community Care, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Ilona has more than 38 years of experience including more than a decades work specifically in the Aged Care and Disability sectors. Her strong customer service background working in related fields means she's always searching to improve and deliver continued benefits to everyone on her journey.  She is a passionate educator who is genuinely passionate to teach and share her knowledge and skills with the aim to improve the lives of others via a ripple effect through a intuitive and tentative educational means.

"We can all duplicate a task … the satisfaction is in the relationship we have helped create during it.”

George Bonnici

Partnership Manager

Having delivered training in aged care as well as working as a personal care worker and lifestyle coordinator, George has a great understanding of the community services sector. George has experienced firsthand the difference that quality training has, making him passionate and committed to finding the right training solution for every client and every student.

“The training and career pathway you choose is critical, not only to ensure the quality of support but also to build the skills and knowledge that create a confident support worker.”

Johnny Bromley

Program Manager

Masters Creative Art Therapy, B. Nursing, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Johnny is a Registered Nurse and a Creative Arts therapist with over 30 years’ experience in Aged Care , Mental Health, Disability and Alcohol and other drugs (AOD).  He believes everyone has the right to education and that by being an educator he can have a greater impact on improving the delivery of support across the aging and disability sectors. He likes to inspire others to engage their creative passions, being explorative and thoughtful, to develop projects which can improve the lives and health of individuals , organisations and ultimately the community.

"My values are community, knowledge , creativity, love, fun and happiness. I like to think of myself as a creative educator who inspires others to reach their passions.”

Karen Cooke

Program Manager

CIV Ageing Support, CIV Disability, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Karen's passion as an educator is to pass on her skills and knowledge to support her participants, shaping them into capable, confident and skilled support Support and Leisure Workers so that they can deliver truly connected personal support. Her expertise is built upon years of working hands-on as a Personal Carer, Support Worker and in planning and undertaking leisure activities with clients. She supports her clients to create a strong purpose in life in line with their desires and self-development needs.

“I am genuinely committed to making a meaningful contribution to the knowledge base and skill levels of those working in aged care and disability support as they conscientiously support their clients to live their lives the way the way they wish to."

Katherine Graham

Client Engagement Manager

Katherine's extensive experience managing customer relationships in the highly sophisticated FMCG market makes her a natural fit in the Warner Institute team. Her empathetic personality and positive character means that everyone who deals with Katherine leaves with a smile on their face. Katherine's ability to truly understand her client's needs, and then move 'heaven and earth' to ensure that they're met, makes her a favourite.

"I love that my role allows me to help match the right people to the right learning programs, ensuring that they are able to achieve the outcomes that genuinely meet their goals."

Maria Antaras

Customer Service Consultant

Maria's friendly attitude, quick wit, empathetic nature and ability to truly hear people, all combine to make them a quick favourite with our participants. Their background across a range of customer service roles means that they're well equipped to provide you with meaningful assistance when you need it.

"Above all, knowing that I've listened well enough to uncover and understand someone's needs gives me confidence that I have supported them in a truly impactful way."

Natalie Wynn

Partnership Manager

Natalie's background in the hospitality sector has made her an enthusiastic advocate for adult learning and the VET framework. Previous roles in both business development and product development have provided Natalie with great exposure to the community services sector, including her conversations with clients. Natalie is genuinely committed to supporting to achieve their learning goals, clients and participants alike. 

"I believe with the right support anyone can achieve their goals. I'm here to listen, empower and support people to get to where they need to go."

Pamela Eliason

Program Manager

B. Nurs, Post Grad Dip (Gerontology), RN, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Pamela is able to share from her very considerable experience spanning across more than two decades within clinical nursing in a wide range of fields including medical, surgical and psychiatric and a number of aged care facilities including as a clinical supervisor within the Rumbalara Aged Care Facility; an aboriginal cooperative where she was responsible for the effective supervision of students, education of personal care workers and management of 35 residents. Her extensive experience is further supplemented as an educator in aged care and nursing at both tertiary and VET level and she is currently completing her Masters in Gerontology

"I am a passionate advocate for the elderly and vulnerable to be treated with dignity, respect and their wellbeing supported - this is the foundational message that I impart to my students."

Peter Shelton

Program Manager & Education, Learning and Support Coordinator (Government)

Assoc. Dip in Training & Development, Diploma Social Sc. (Justice).

Peter has an extensive background working at senior level of government, in local and state government. Peter’s experience includes managing the Regulatory Services Department of major metropolitan local government organisations including responsibility for managing the functions of environmental health, food safety, traffic/parking, local laws, prosecution services, animal control, environment protection, fire prevention, planning compliance, community safety, school crossing services and more. Prior to this he worked in the Public Transport Corporation for more than a decade managing Training Unit of the Transit Patrol Department, including responsibility for specialist investigator training and promotional courses, before progressing to managing the corporation’s safety and security department. He has been an active advocate for legislation reform across a range of areas spanning across state and local government, including animal management and environment protection.

"I am committed to encouraging a profesional and skilled local laws work force."

Sue Mills

Partnership Manager

Sue is a conscientious and dedicated person who thinks strategically. An education mindset and fantastic listening skills allow her to fundamentally understand people, identifying great solutions the first time, every time. Her nurturing nature means she walks beside her clients with integrity and care, as she always tries to leave people feeling more confident and optimistic!

"I believe that we all need to be the change that we wish to see in the world. You only get real change through great education."

Sherralie Franco

Program Manager

Adv Dip Comm. Serv. Mngt., Dip Comm. Serv., CIV Ageing Support, CIV Disability, CIV HACC, CIV Management, CIII Individual Support, CIII Age+HAC, First Aid, CIV Training & Assessment (TAE)

Sherralie is a highly experienced educator who is passionate about the Community Services sector. She has significant experience working in Aged Care and Disability in addition to having undertaken numerous qualifications in these areas. This combination allows Sherralie to empathetically share from her own experiences when training, whilst supporting her students throughout their learning journey to reach their goals.

“I am genuinely passionate about education, and in particular, supporting skills development in the community services sector."